This Teacher Education College (Secondary level) was started in 1995. Very soon the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) was also established by the Government of India. MCT Training College, Malappuram was one of the very few Colleges of the state which was given recognition by the NCTE SRC, Banglore at its very inception. The college had a very humble beginning. After putting up a very good record in all fields of its activity during the last 20 years. Today this institution stands aloof as a role model for similar other institutions of the State. Details of Academic Achievements, Extra Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities are available under "Land Marks". During 2007-08 NCTE Sanctioned M Ed (Master of Educatin) course to our college.

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We provide a balanced environment focused on shaping students into leaders of tomorrow by offering comprehensive education through well-defined curriculum.


The campus provides a quiet, peaceful, and clean environment conducive for learning.


The application form will be issued from MCT office during office hours. For admission or enquiry contact our College office